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OOTD:Frilly Thursday

Hello everyone. Today has been a busy day. I had the longest day today trying to get work done. Tomorrow will be the last day before the long weekend. Plus next Monday and Tuesday will be Eid so everyone will be away. As much as I am excited for Eid, I am still left with quite a bit of things to sort out for work. Anyway today I wore a frilly floral cardigan with a printed pair of trousers. I did…

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MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

Hello everyone. I have some time to kill since it’s my day off today. I had a number of errands I needed to sort today so I took leave from work. Now my Eid prep is left with just making the food for the big feast. So I thought I’d squeeze in another makeup review today!

Clearly for many parts of the world, this collection launched in May, but as I said in many of my previous entries, we’re…

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Polka Dot Monday

A simple OOTD for work today. What better to style with than Polka dots. I didnt feel particularly fancy today. Maybe I had the case of the Monday Blues? haha. Anyway, I find polka dot goes with pretty much everything. :) I wore a polka dot shirt with ruffles and paired it with some black trousers and some heels. When all things fail, we seek the polka dot to add some fun in the outfit.  




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I was mucking about Polyvore today and thought I’d share it with you. I’ve had this account since a…

I was mucking about Polyvore today and thought I’d share it with you. I’ve had this account since a while back but never really played around with it as much as I want. Truth be told, I sometime use the pictures to create a list of things that I want to get and visual aids are always the best with me. Plus its easy to show the sales person what I’m looking for. Sometimes I just like to keep…

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OOTD Sunday Picks

As promised, I am back with my OOTD post. :) I had fun with my sister shopping for Eid but the crowd was ridiculous so I didn’t get much browsing but I did manage to get all I needed. I’m going to pick up my outfit on Wednesday so after that I’m set! The weather is a bit warm today and the sun was shining bright. So I decided on a simple cooling outfit and some comfy mesh pumps. I’ve featured…

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Goodbye Diva..It’s the end of an Era

Goodbye Diva..It’s the end of an Era

Hey everyone. Happy Sunday! I’m waiting for my hair to dry before I emabark on my last minute Eid shopping escapade with my sister today so I thought I’d sneak in a quick post before I go about my day. :) I’m so sad to announce that my favourite accessories shop has closed its doors in Kuala Lumpur. A couple of weeks ago DIVA closed down but I was told that its because they are rebranding the…

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OOTD Saturday Picks

After a long pause from posting OOTD’s, today I have one. The traveling didn’t permit me to post any OOTD picture because I was in a boiler suit half the time (nothing interesting I promise you :) ). Today I had dinner with family at an aunts house. I took advantage of her new lighting for some of the photos. I was in the mood for a checkered shirt with some jeans today. I think they’re so easy…

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Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay Electric Palette


Hey Everyone! How you folks doing today? I just came back from a work related travel escapade (hence the slow in posting of late) and I’m beat! Work is hectic again since everyone is about to go for a long holiday for Eid, so there is a big rush in getting things done. Anyway, I stopped by Sephora on my way back from the airport because the train I was to change for was in a Mall. So I thought…

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NARS Adult Swim Collection and Haul

NARS Adult Swim Collection and Haul

About 3 weeks ago, the NARS Adult Swim summer collection launched officially over this part of the world. I was invited by my usual MUA to come and play around with this collection. Generally, we always get collections coming out a couple of months later than they launch in the US or Europe but I don’t really mind.As long as they get here! What irritates me really is that some products don’t…

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ZOEVA Brush Review Part 2

ZOEVA Brush Review Part 2

IMG_1707Finally! This post is out! Can I just say I LOOOVVVEEE these brushes! They live up to the hype and I think I love them more then my Sigma brushes! *Gasps* I know I know dare I say it? I’m afraid so. In total honesty I have way too many brushes than any person needs but I do try to spread the love by rotating the use of each brush I own. Now I have a new love affair with these ZOEVA brushes.


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